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Write Your Ass Off

This is a 3-month intimate in-person writing program to help you actually put that goddamn pen to paper instead of just thinking about it.
Because writers write.
And it’s about time you actually started writing instead of just thinking about it.

Six months ago I had a strong desire to start a writing program — for aspiring bloggers and aspiring book writers and people who just generally want to write but never actually do it. At the time it was just a half-baked idea, so I asked people what they wanted. Here’s what they said…

2 of the biggest problems people said they were struggling with…

“I don’t have devoted time to write. When life gets busy it’s the first thing to go out the window.”

“When I DO try to write I feel stuck, paralyzed, intimidated, etc.” (basically every variation of the word stuck)

3 of the biggest desires people expressed for this program…

 “I want devoted writing time.”

 “I want to be held accountable to actually freaking DO the writing.”

“I want to connect with other writers in-person in the real 3D world.”

A lot of people WANT to write. They have things to say but never actually make the time to do it.

Or if they do they find themselves overwhelmed and paralyzed and end up staring at a blank page or scrolling through Instagram for two hours.

(Or in some cases they write for work but never actually get to do the writing they want to do for themselves.)

So I made a program to light the fire and actually hold people accountable for doing the writing they want to do but can’t seem to get moving on alone.

So BOOM here’s what that looks like

This is an intimate in-person 3-month writing program (9 people + me) from January to April. Writing jams every other week, in-person in my downtown Toronto office downtown at Yonge and Bloor.

Protected writing time. At least one hour of each two hour writing jam will be JUST writing, with activities at the beginning and end of the jam to inspire your writing and develop it.

100% non-digital program. Yay for connecting in real life! No facebook group, no emails, just people gathering together in the same space at the same time, writing our little hearts out.

Get-out-of-your-head-so-you-can-actually-write exercises at the beginning of each session.

Writing technique experiments to help you bust out of boring habits at the beginning of each session.

Exercises to help you find your writing voice so you can sound like you when you write.

Paired peer soundboarding and idea sharing at the end of each session. (Only for people who want that. And if you want it some weeks and not others, that’s cool.)

An option to sign up for bi-weekly writing commitments to submit a piece of writing to the group dropbox. (Again, totally optional. But if you’re someone who struggles to actually finish your writing this might be great for you. Hello accountability!)

A one-on-one jam session with me to talk about whatever writing stuff you want. You’ll sign up for these timeslots at our first session.

Tips and advice from my own SUPERBADASS BOOK EDITOR who will join us at the March 22 session. (This program as a whole isn’t focused on strategy related to publishing or pitching, but this is PRICELESS if you have a vision of writing a book one day.) And since my next book is launching in April and the launch party will be in April you’ll get to meet a bunch more people from my publisher and get to see the behind-the-scenes of promoting a book (if that’s your jam).


“The structure and accountability you provided was exactly the kick in the butt I needed! Thank you so much!!!”

Andrea Gust


“I needed this. There was a really beautiful balance of different elements to help with the writing. It was gentle and thoughtful and it got the pen moving on the page.”

Marion Langford

“All of the different writing tools you provided were so helpful. They opened something up in me and I wrote so much MORE than I thought I would. In fact some of the best things I wrote I did right here in the shortest amount of time. It shifted things for me.”

Christina Carew

When and where does the magic happen? 

4pm-6pm on

  • Friday January 25
  • Friday February 8
  • Friday February 22
  • Friday March 8
  • Friday March 22 (special session with my book editor!)
  • Friday April 5
  • Friday April 26

At my downtown Toronto office at 33 Bloor East, 5th floor

Our schedule

3:30 – 4:00 — Feel free to arrive early, grab a beer or cider or coffee or tea (free!), and meet some of the crew before we head upstairs to the writing den.

4:00 – 4:30 — Writing exercise and writing technique experiment of the week (voice, getting unstuck, etc…you’ll help decide the exact topics at our first session)

4:30 – 5:30 — WRITE YOUR ASS OFF

5:30 – 5:50 — Peer discussion and sharing for those who want it, and more writing for those who just want to keep on truckin’. (The writing jams will end at 6pm, but the space is open later if you want to stay because you’re on a roll…or even if you just want to stay and have a beer with your writerly pals.)

5:50 – 6:00— Optional bi-weekly writing commitments and wrap-up!


“I really enjoyed this! All of the tools and writing experiments were so helpful. So was the one-on-one session. And your book editor was amazing. Having her come and speak to us was really valuable.”

Ami Au-Yeung

“I loved the balance between exercises and chit-chat and writing our asses off. That potent combination of company and accountability worked for me and helped me move a few pretty big chunks of work along. I’m excited to stay in touch with my new little writing community too. Thanks so much for such a well-designed program!”

Liz Williams


“The structure this provided was exactly what I needed. And I’m so grateful for your tips and feedback. I’m glad I signed up and I’ve actually told a couple of other people about the program!”

Samantha Osaduke

“The one-on-one session with you was worth the cost of the program alone!!! I now understand where I’m headed with my writing. That’s huge. And having the dedicated time to sit my ass down and write was so desperately needed. Thank you for pushing me and for guiding me through the beginning of my writing journey.”

Kattie Smilovsky

Write Your Ass Off will get you out of your head so you can get writing. Because you’ve been thinking about it for long enough and it’s time to do something about it.