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What do you do when your work feels bad?

If your work feels bad, chances are you’ve thought about making a career change. But thinking about a career change comes with a zillion anxiety-inducing questions. Questions like…

My job causes mental and emotional stress, but my body seems to be shutting down too. Is that normal?

Is a career change only possible for people who are already rolling in cash?

Will people think I’m an idiot if I leave my stable job?

Everyone else seems like they have their shit together. What am I doing wrong?

What if I hate my job but I don’t know what want? How do I figure that out?

I got talking to the gals at The Social about these questions and more. Check out our juicy conversation.

(And PS — if that last question is one you’re struggling with, this is for you.)

What do you do when your work feels bad, mentally, emotionally, and even physically? 

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