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Why Being A Superfan Is Good For Your Career


You know those people – the people you worship and follow. Maybe they’re celebrities, maybe they’re people you know and love, but for whatever reason you’re a SUPERFAN.

I’m a huuuuge fangirl of Oprah (me and almost every other woman I know). But what is it about her that I love? The thought of being on TV scares the living shit out of me, so it’s certainly not the media empire thing. I think it’s the fact that she’s nurturing and real and she helps other people live their best lives. I look at her and I think, Yes! I gotta get me somma that!

I’m also insanely inspired by anything written by Danielle LaPorte. She cuts right down to the truth. No bullshit. Plus, the woman’s writing is effing EXQUISITE.

I love quirky art created by Marc Johns. A lot of his stuff manages to strike a very rare balance between whimsy and wise. I totally dig that unexpected combo.

Who are you a superfan of? Think about it for a second.

You may not have considered it, but your superfan status can teach you a thing or two about your career desires.

What is it about the people you adore and idolize that makes you dig their mojo? And what does that tell you about your own desire?

For me, I love Danielle LaPorte because she has the guts to speak the truth. This tells me that I want to do that more often in my work – tell the truth without feeling the need to dilute it or sugarcoat it.

As for Marc Johns, it really is his mix of whimsy and wise that I love. I want to infuse that into my own work, not in visual art, but in writing.

What about you?

Rock that inner superfan, my friend. Get to know her and you’ll find yourself getting a little closer to working some of that mojo yourself.


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This is an excerpt from Careergasm: A Course For Discovering Your Calling


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