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I speak at the intersection of personal and professional development. Because if you want to grow in your career a lot of the required work is an inside job. 

I give keynote talks about feel-good work at high profile national and international conferences and events. I do talks for leaders, students, entrepreneurs, employee groups, women’s groups, and gatherings of good humans.

Events I’ve spoken at have been organized and sponsored by large corporations including PWC, IBM, GoToMeeting, Investors Group, UPS, Scotiabank, CPA, and Telus, and also by  large national and international associations including Academy of Management, Organizational Behavior Teaching Society for Management Educators, Administrative Sciences Association of Canada, and the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology.

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Signature Talks 


How To Start Your Career Without Losing Your Mind

Preparing to enter the work world is exciting but stressful. In this talk I’ll share secrets every grad and student needs to know but nobody tells you — hot tips to keep you sane when you’re getting started. Here’s an article I wrote for Inc. related to this talk.

How To Use Fear To Guide Your Career

The right kind of fear will always point you in the right direction. The wrong kind? Disaster. In this talk you’ll learn how to use your fear to your advantage when you don’t know which direction to turn. Here’s an article I wrote for Inc. related to this talk.

Welcome To The Resistance: Moving From Procrastination To Productivity

Often we resist the things we want the most. Why do we do this?! In this talk, we’ll examine self sabotage, learn how to curb your procrastination, and soften your resistance so you can start actually doing the things you want. Here’s an article I wrote for Inc. related to this talk.

Why Your Best Employees Are Secretly Looking For Another Job

Some of your employees are cheating on you. With me. (Sorry!) They’re coming to career coaches like me, looking for the escape hatch. In this talk I’ll give you the inside scoop on why they want to quit and what you can do to avoid losing them. Here’s an article I wrote for Inc. related to this talk.

The Unglamorous Truth About My First Year of Business

In this talk we’ll dive into the emotional side of entrepreneurship, what nobody tells you, and how to deal. Because while entrepreneurship is exciting and fulfilling, it’s not all laptops on the beach. Here’s an article I wrote for Entrepreneur related to this talk.

Are You Successful? And Is That The Right Question?

Success and happiness, it turns out, are two different things. In this talk we’ll examine the ways you measure your success and you’ll learn how to identify the things that matter to you most. Here’s an article I write for Entrepreneur related to this talk.

How To Keep Your Hangups From Sabotaging Your Work

We all have hang-ups — perfectionism, avoidance, control issues, the list goes on. In this talk we’ll see if some of your demons are driving the bus at work, and how to take the wheel again. Here’s an article I wrote for Inc. related to this talk.

How To Reward Your All Stars: Going Beyond Pay & Promotions

The very practices you use to reward employees may actually be driving them out! In this talk we’ll discuss how to move away from old school, cookie cutter reward systems and embrace what actually works. Here’s an article I wrote for Inc. related to this talk.

Enlightened Ambition: How To Set Feel-Good Goals

The best way to channel your ambition is to set fewer, more fiercely focused goals. In this talk we’ll get intentional about why you want the things you want and how to make your goals work for you. Here’s an article I wrote related to this talk.

Productive Rest: A New Take On Focus, Efficiency, & Getting Shit Done

Stepping away from your work — even in small increments — actually makes you more productive. In this talk you’ll learn about how productive rest can help you do more in less time. Here’s an article I wrote for Entrepreneur related to this talk.

My speaking rate starts at $5,000.


Theresa Laurico

“Sarah is a bold, engaging and authentic speaker. She spoke at both the IBM Global Entrepreneur Day and at the national SociaLIGHT Conference and I highly recommend her. Her energy, wisdom and insight was valuable for all the delegates and their ongoing success. Sarah is a woman who walks her talk. Her courage, commitment and impact is an example to leaders who genuinely seek to follow the beat of their own song and heart!”

Theresa Laurico – Chief Speaker Curator, IBM Global Entrepreneur Day

Founder, SociaLIGHT Conference

“Insightful, empathetic, and hilarious, Sarah’s workshop created a safe space for both established and aspiring entrepreneurs to confront uncomfortable questions about which business goals are worth pursuing and which to ditch. She offered an easily applicable framework, blending psychology, intuition, and business sense. Sarah immediately connected with the audience sharing anecdotes from her own experience that had the room laughing, reflecting, and asking lots of questions. After following Sarah online and devouring her Careergasm book, it was a joy to experience her in person! ”

Emily Rose Antflick, Founder + Chief Community Cultivator, Shecosystem Coworking + Wellness

Bobby Umar“Sarah spoke at our DYPB – Discover Your Personal Brand Conference with great success and flair. She clearly has a passion for her work, an engagement style that resonated with many delegates and was one of our most popular speakers. The attendees loved her message of brazen authenticity in business and her interactive exercises got attendees excited and talking to each other. There was a lineup of people eager to speak to her after the talk, which demonstrated her impact. I personally can’t wait to collaborate with her again.”

Bobby Umar – Chief Curator, DYPB Conference

President, Raeallan

Lisa Colalillo“I’m blown away and inspired by how you are just rocking it in your arena and the example you offer to all women in business that dreams are absolutely achievable. Women like you give light so that more and more of us can step into our own lights.”

Lisa Colalillo – Panelist, SociaLIGHT Conference

Founder, Lisa in the City TV,

David Cohen“Sarah is a true professional, she gives freely of herself, her time and is a positive spirit to have at any event. I love working with Sarah, she’s fun, bright and bold and that to me is what differentiates her from anyone else!”

David Cohen – Speaking Curator, National Job Fair and Training Expo

Author, coach, facilitator and producer/host of Small Business Big Ideas Show

LianneKrakauer“Sarah’s presentation on how to find your authentic voice to write content for your business was spot on for our group of coaches and therapists. As coaches, we tend to shy away from self-promotion and marketing, and Sarah’s down to earth and engaging style put us all immediately at ease. Within minutes she had us experimenting with a new technique for developing our own personal brand and the room was filled with laughter and an excited buzz as we learned how to write and be real.  I would highly recommend Sarah as a speaker and coach for any entrepreneur who is looking to develop their voice online or in person.  She walks the talk!”

Lianne Krakauer – Co-organizer and Speaking Curator, Tikkato

Career and Leadership Coach

“Sarah spoke to Fanshawe College students and graduates as the keynote at our annual IGNITE Student Career Conference.  Her engaging, and uplifting presentation peppered with concrete tips and tools for career success was by all accounts valuable and meaningful for the participants.  Sarah provided students with lots of time for dialogue and questions and responded to their enquiries with heart and humor. They left with ‘real life” examples of how determination, being true to yourself and building support systems can equip you with a recipe for career success.  Thank you Sarah!”

Darlene O’Neill, Senior Manager, Employment and Student Entrepreneurial Services, Fanshawe College

“Sarah has a comedic, common sense approach to career guidance. After seeing Sarah on stage I decided she must speak to Women in Biz Network members. We had a fabulous career circle for our members and we all walked away feeling more centered in career choices. I passionately recommend Sarah! Whether you are going through challenges at your present job, exploring new options or diving into entrepreneurship, Sarah’s wise words will help you find the clarity you seek.”

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