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Biz Foundations

This is coaching for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their own business but have no idea what the heck they’re doing.

Is that you? (Don’t worry, I won’t tell.)
Also, hey, it’s okay. You gotta start somewhere.
  • You want to start your own business but, frankly, it scares the shit out of you. You’re excited, but also overwhelmed.
  • You have a bazillion ideas and you need to focus. Big time.
  • You feel like a total impostor when you hang out with other entrepreneurs. You don’t speak the language and it feels like you’re 10 steps behind.
  • You’ve seen some entrepreneurs fly by the seat of their pants and you don’t want to end up like one of those guys.
  • You know you can develop and grow a business if you can just get the bloody thing started.


Biz Foundations is a strategic coaching program to help you lay the groundwork for your own business.
Because you have a kickass idea and now you need a plan.
Because you’re ready to stop stalling and start doing, already.
And because it’s about damn time you gave this dream of yours wings.



This is for you if…

You’re a service-based guy or gal — a coach, consultant, designer, healer, trainer or (insert your shtick here) and you want to get PAID for it.

You want to set the foundation for your biz before you pour a bunch of cash into design, branding, legal, etc.

You want to get clear on your priorities…because trying to do everything at once is exhausting and it’s a crappy way to do business.

You want to feel like yourself in your business and leverage who you really are to attract the right clients and make money.

You want someone to hold you accountable so that you actually Get. Shit. Done.

This is not for…
  • People who want a magic formula for getting rich quick (good luck with that).
  • Tech startups (you need an accelerator with funding).
  • Product-based businesses (this is for service-based businesses only).
  • People who aren’t willing to get into the emotional side of building a business (because, honey, you have to go there).


“Sarah, my business would not have happened without your brilliant mind, beautiful heart, and awesome sauce. Best decision I ever made. I could not be more grateful for your support.”

Carissa MacLennan

“If you’re ready to go balls deep into some serious awesomeness… HIRE. THIS. LADY! Sarah helped me bring my A-game to a career path I’ve always dreamed of. She’s more magical than unicorns and sparkles combined and I’m beyond grateful to have her in my corner.”

Ashley De Filippis

“Sarah is a career / biz Swiss Army knife. She does it all!”

Erica Breuer


“Everything you’ve shared with us has been so practical and applicable! Over the course of our time together I’ve let go a lot and just leaped! I’m able to articulate what I offer with confidence and the pricing came out without hesitation too!! Feels amazeballs!”

Ami Au-Yeung

“You are my one stop shop, ‘finger on the pulse of reality’ and ‘don’t poop your pants it’s gonna be ok’ guide. Big hugs and so much gratitude!!!”

Sara Mason

“Sarah tells you how she sees it. She’s clear and concise and doesn’t bullshit. She thoughtfully designed a program that moves you from just thinking like an entrepreneur to actually being an entrepreneur. By the end of this course, you’ll have actual content to use in your business directly. And you’ll have fun along the way. Value, value, and more value!

Darrell Cheung

“I so appreciate your wisdom and generosity, and I feel ready to get into ACTION. Your questions insights and tips really helped me move forward. A big THANK YOU!”

Nicola Holmes

“Biz Foundations is the kick in the pants that I needed to get my business off the ground! I now feel so much more confident in what I have to offer and how to put myself out into the world. Sarah’s knowledge and feedback is truly invaluable.”

Rachel Despres



We’re going to develop your personal brand, create your first offering, write all of your web content, and build a marketing strategy for your biz. We’ll cover:

  • Selecting your niche
  • Identifying your ideal client
  • Web content strategy (what you need to have on your website and why), plus writing and polishing all of your web copy.
  • Crafting your initial offer/program (how to write a kickass sales page)
  • Media marketing strategy (This is a hot ticket! I’ll be sharing actual pitches that got me published at places like Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, etc., as well as successful pitches for television, radio and podcasts.)
  • You’ll get individual in-session feedback on your niche, offering, web copy, and marketing plan.
  • Plus a 60-minute one-on-one deep dive coaching session to use any time after the launch of your business — to help you tweak or build to the next level.




By the end of our work together you’ll have a deeper understanding of your specific niche, a more clearly defined personal brand, an initial offering, all of the copy for your website, and a strategy for building credibility and exposure for your business. BOOM.  



You and me hashing out your biz for 6 months.

We’ll work together over intimate video chat. You, me, your fav caffeinated bevy by your side, and a whole lotta magic.

You’ll have homework (the fun kind) between our monthly sessions to help you learn and grow even when we’re not face-to-face. After six months of working together you’ll be blown away by how much you’ve learned and how far your business has come.

You’ll get access to:

  • All 3 of my Careergasm online courses, including my entrepreneur course which hasn’t even launched yet ($1,190 value)
  • My media marketing strategy course which I don’t offer on its own anymore ($1,997 value)
  • 6 live 60-minute sessions where I cover everything from my sold-out business coaching program ($3,497 value)
  • Plus an extra 60-minute one-on-one session for a deep-dive later on after the launch of your business ($297 value)
  • A value of $6,981 but I’m offering it up for…



I’m Sarah Vermunt, the gal behind Careergasm. I help people create feel-good work, and for many that means ditching your soul-sucking job and starting your own business. I write about careers and entrepreneurship for ForbesEntrepreneur, and Inc., and my work has been featured at Financial TimesFortuneTech VibesToronto StarFlare, ELLEFashion, Cityline, Maclean’s, CBCCanadian BusinessGlobal News, The Globe and Mail, Fast Companyand lots of other cool places.  I also personally know a thing or two about what it’s like to take the big leap and start a business:

I left a six-figure career track to take a risk on building my own business. Spoiler alert: It paid off.

I used to teach at the School of Business and Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University and I took that knowledge with me. Fundamentals matter.

I built an unconventional company that embraces F-bombs, unvarnished truth, and brazen authenticity (and it feels sooooo good).

I continue to take calculated risks to grow as an entrepreneur…because doing the scary stuff is a part of the gig.

I take what I’ve learned to help other people bust through the fear and overwhelm and build feel-good businesses of their own.

I work with solopreneurs with service-based businesses. Some of my favourite clients are:
  • A designer who started a web design company so she could work anywhere in the world.
  • A former executive who does strategy consulting for musicians.
  • A woman who took improv comedy into corporations.
  • A burned out event planner who created her own boutique firm.
  • A media coach who helps people get press for their business.


“Careergasm feels as good as it sounds! A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. In less than two months I had a complete revelation in both my business and personal life. I’ve never had such clarity.”

Marissa Asperjan

“What I loved about working with Sarah is I felt like she GOT me! She made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my crazy entrepreneurial dreams. Working with her made me feel extra motivated and I couldn’t wait to see her at our sessions because I knew she truly cared about what I was creating. It felt amazing to have that type of support.”

Sharon Stokes

“From the beginning, the name Careergasm caught my attention and gave me insight into the type of coach Sarah is – authentic, fun, sassy and smart! Her programs and courses helped me to explore my path and purpose in an easy-to-follow, intuitive way. Her no-nonsense approach ensures you get where you say you want to go! Thank you Sarah for your wise, wise guidance!”

Fazeena Haniff

“I’m about to join the scared-shitless-but-isn’t-this-what-you-really-wanted-all-along club of entrepreneurs. Thank you for helping me be fairly certain I won’t die in a box by the Humber River!”

Liz Williams

“It feels good to finally have a roadmap for my future business. I am coming out from this program with so much more clarity and confidence. I’m still nervous about putting myself out there, but now I know I can do it!”

Olena Gisys

“Sarah totally delivered. By the time I was done this program I had a good foundation for building my coaching business. Sarah helped me zero in on my niche and ideal client, helped me figure out the content for my website and then was kind enough to give great feedback both before and after it went live. Thanks so much for your help Sarah!”

Karen DeVries

“Thanks for all of the validation and helping me see that which I already knew.”

Kashi Madhani

“Working with Sarah is exactly what I needed to kick my business up a notch!  I’m so impressed with how much I was able to accomplish thanks to Sarah’s coaching and guidance.  I was able to get really clear on my niche and ideal client, refine my copy, create and polish my programs, successfully execute a rebrand, and implement a solid blogging strategy. The amount of progress I’ve made thanks to her support and encouragement is astounding! If you are looking for a true partner in a coach, Sarah is your gal!”

Kamara Toffolo


Biz Foundations will help you create a plan of action so that you can take that blood-pumping leap of faith and create the business you’ve always wanted.
Drop me a line and tell me about yourself and your biz idea.
Because you’ve been sitting on this idea for long enough and it’s about damn time you did something about it.