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MODULE 6: Werk

How do you want to learn and grow at work? We're talking mentors, networking (it doesn't have to suck), and even fuckups (one of the best ways to learn).

MODULE 7: Never mind

Your excuses are holding you back. We're gonna deal with your resistance, avoidance, and procrastination so you can get unstuck and move forward.

MODULE 5: You’re hired

Resumes, LinkedIn, Interviews —we're diving into the serious stuff so we can make you career legit and GET. YOU. HIRED.

MODULE 4: Mo’ money

Sick of holding your breath and crossing your fingers every time you splurge for guac? Let's talk money, honey. Plus how to save and spend your time and energy.

MODULE 2: Gimme a sign

Most career signs show up as inklings and whispers and curiosities, not flashing neon signs. So we're gonna hunt those suckers down.

MODULE 3: But I can’t do THAT

Maybe what you want scares the shit out of you. Or wasn't a part of your original plan. We're gonna gather more info and work through your fear.

MODULE 9: Calm yourself

You're not there yet and it's KILLING you. We'll talk about frustration, anxiety, self-sabotage, and comparing yourself to strangers on the interwebs.

MODULE 10: Start

We'll talk about the difference between good fear and gross fear so you can set feel-good career goals. Plus how to build your career dream team and get moving!

Activate Your Inner Toddler

What makes you want to throw a raging hissy fit? What makes you giddy, like a kid with a bag of Skittles and a Kool-Aid stained grin? We’ll explore both…because these are MAJOR clues on the path to feel-good work.

Angels and Assholes

Want everyone to support your career decision? Ain’t gonna happen. Some people just aren’t going to get it, and that’s okay. We’ll talk about next steps, building your team, and ignoring bad advice from assholes.

Enlightened Ambition

Ambition is good, right? It depends. We’ll look at your goals to see if they’re aligned with what you actually want…because some of them might not be. You’ll have so many aha moments, you’ll swear you’re Oprah.

Fear Disguised as Practicality

There is no safe choice. Or right choice. Or wrong choice. The world will always be filled with change and uncertainty. We’ll examine your fear and the widespread illusion that a “practical” career = a safe career.


We're switching gears here, from exploring your career desires to tackling fear and anxiety. We'll talk about how it's getting in your way and how you can move through it toward the things you love. *deep breath* You can do this.

The Burnout Club

Exhausted? Sore? Sick? Anxious? We’re going to examine the link between your mental and physical health. If neglected career stress is doing a number on your health, it’s time to pay attention. Starting now.

Child Genius

What did your eight-year-old self love? Stickers? Kittens? Baseball? Crafts? Legos? Dress-up? Cops and robbers? We’re going to look waaaaay back into your childhood. There’s career navigation gold back there.