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“Careergasm is pure gold!”

Gwen Elliot – Media Strategist & Producer of OWN‘s The Naked Entrepreneur – Toronto


ChipamongChowdhury“I appreciate your support and I’m grateful for all your help. Your work is deeply inspiring, meaningful, incredibly motivational and transformational.”

Chipamong Chowdhury – Buddhist Monk – New York

Ashley“If you’re ready to go balls deep into some serious awesomeness… HIRE. THIS. LADY! Sarah helped me bring my A-game to a career path I’ve always dreamed of. She’s more magical than unicorns and sparkles combined and I’m beyond grateful to have her in my corner.”

Ashley De Filippis – Beauty Brand Babe – Toronto



“Careergasm is like Skittles. I just want to gobble everything up!!!”

Jhannell Edwards – Real Estate Maven – Toronto


“Careergasm feels as good as it sounds! A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. In less than two months I had a complete revelation in both my business and personal life. I’ve never had such clarity.”

Marissa Asperjan – Badass Personal Trainer – International

“It is a breath of fresh air to see a person walking the talk and acting as a perfect example of what they themselves help others achieve.”

Candice Gallinger – Creative woman in transition – Toronto

“Sarah is a career / biz Swiss Army knife. She does it all!”

Erica Breuer – Career Branding Strategist  – Arizona


Carissa“Sarah, my business would not have happened without your brilliant mind, beautiful heart, and awesome sauce. Best decision I ever made. I could not be more grateful for your support.”

Carissa MacLennan – Entrepreneur – Toronto

“Thank you so much! This experience has been the most rewarding and I am so glad I decided to go into this with you.”

Christine Medeiros – Makeup Artist – Toronto

“Than youthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!! You rock the house, the casbah, and the Christmas tree!

Jude Temple – Master Life Coach – British Coumbia


SaskiaLuisaAdams“Sarah, you are an angel! Thank-you for gracing me with your beautiful presence. Your words were such an incredible gift which I will treasure always! Keep on rocking and shining your light, you star!”

Saskia Luisa Adams – Career Shifter – San Francisco

“All your blogs are AWESOME. It’s like Thug Kitchen, but for careers. SO GOOD!”

Erin Valois – Executive News Producer – Toronto


Lisa Greig
“I have never been more on fire! This program guarantees clarity, inspiration and motivation to truly find your passion and purpose. If you are looking for answers and are willing to climb inside of yourself to find them, DO THIS! And Sarah, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your insight and guidance. Seriously. Invaluable.”

Lisa Greig – Social Worker and future business owner – Saskatoon


“Sarah, you have been such an asset – to me and to everyone you work with.”

Charmaine Hack – University Registrar – Toronto


LisaColalillo“I’m blown away and inspired by how you are just rocking it in your arena and the example you offer to all women in business that dreams are absolutely achievable. Women like you give light so that more and more of us can step into our own lights.”

Lisa Colalillo – Founder, Lisa in the City TV www. – Toronto

AnneBechard“I just got published at Business Insider!!! It’s 70 degrees outside, but at my house it’s Christmas! Huge thanks to Sarah Vermunt at Careergasm for her business blogging course. She gave me the confidence and skills to finally start guest blogging. I’m so lucky to have you on my journey, Sarah!”

Anne Bechard – Life Coach – Houston

“I’m about to join the scared-shitless-but-isn’t-this-what-you-really-wanted-all-along club of entrepreneurs. Thank you for helping me be fairly certain I won’t die in a box by the Humber River!”

Liz Williams – Branding & Communications – Toronto

SylvestZara“It’s amazing how applicable your advice has been for me in the real world. I was fortunate to have 5 interviews out of 11 job applications. The resume, cover letter writing, and interview tips really helped me out in acquiring a job. I owe a lot of this success to you and don’t know how to express my gratitude but to write to you. Thank-you so much for going above and beyond with your experience and wisdom. Very grateful.”

Sylvest Zara – Consulting Recruiter – Toronto



“Careergasm is my spirit animal!!!”

Julia Hawthornthwaite – Policy, Research & Communications – Toronto


MelissaWhymans“I think this really helped me figure out some of the things I want in my life, and helped me think about what I need to get to where I want to be. It was actually a very calm and cleansing experience for me. You helped me to be more open and not so closed off.”

Melissa Whymns – Radiology Technician Student – Toronto

“Absolutely inspiring.”

Marcia McRoberts – Aspiring Author – Sarnia


CorneliaAlden“Sarah’s coaching allowed me to make connections and articulate concepts that I had not previously. Thoughtful, thorough, and down-to-earth, she was supportive and kind every step of the way.”

Cornelia Alden – Life Coach – Williamstown, Massachusetts

“Sarah has a comedic, common sense approach to career guidance. After seeing Sarah on stage I decided she must speak to Women in Biz Network members. We had a fabulous career circle for our members and we all walked away feeling more centered in career choices. I passionately recommend Sarah! Whether you are going through challenges at your present job, exploring new options or diving into entrepreneurship, Sarah’s wise words will help you find the clarity you seek.”

Leigh Mitchell, Career, Marketing Mentor & Educator, Thrive in Canada + Women in Biz Network

FeliciaRyan“You are a pretty damn awesome human being! Thanks for helping me clarify things.”

Felicia Ryan – Life Coach – Boston


JeannetteOrazietti“Sarah Vermunt is very inspiring for me on a daily basis! Careergasm is a must join for all female entrepreneurs!”

Jeannette Orazietti – Custom Bakery Owner – Sault Sainte Marie


pink heart icon“Sarah, thank you so much for your help with everything. This ‘asking for help’ thing was new to me and you made it really easy! I feel much more confident about what I want to focus on for the next few years. I knew I had to change something, but I didn’t know what and this will make a huge difference.”

Elise D. – Communications and Event Consultant – Toronto

.MegPearson“I LOVE what you do!”

Meg Pearson – Nutritarian, Yogi, Writer – San Juanillo, Costa Rica



“Sarah’s presentation on how to find your authentic voice to write content for your business was spot on for our group of coaches and therapists. As coaches, we tend to shy away from self-promotion and marketing, and Sarah’s down to earth and engaging style put us all immediately at ease. Within minutes she had us experimenting with a new technique for developing our own personal brand and the room was filled with laughter and an excited buzz as we learned how to write and be real.  I would highly recommend Sarah as a speaker and coach for any entrepreneur who is looking to develop their voice online or in person.  She walks the talk!”

Lianne Krakauer – Career and Leadership Coach – Toronto

MarisaModeski“Sarah, you’re one helluva person. Definitely one of a kind. Truly exceptional.”

 Marisa Modeski – National Recruitment Manager – Toronto


Photo 2015-06-17, 12 41 41 PM
“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really enjoyed our time together and appreciate your generosity of materials and spirit. Your encouragement was motivating and your demeanour made me feel like I was an equal. Your prompts have encouraged me to see how my blog and my coaching work together and I’m excited to move forward with the ideas we have planted. Thank you for everything. Deep gratitude.”

Wendy Borders Gauntner – Life Coach – Wyoming

“Are you kidding me?! You’re so fucking talented. Love you so!”

Linda Sivertsen – Editor, Author, & Book-Whisperer – L.A.


TheresaLaurico“Sarah is a bold, engaging and authentic speaker. She spoke at both the IBM Global Entrepreneur Day and at the national SociaLIGHT Conference and I highly recommend her. Her energy, wisdom and insight was valuable for all the delegates and their ongoing success. Sarah is a woman who walks her talk. Her courage, commitment and impact is an example to leaders who genuinely seek to follow the beat of their own song and heart!”

Theresa Laurico – IBM Global Entrepreneur Day Speaker Curator & SociaLIGHT Founder – Toronto

“This was magic for me just now.”

Jocelyn Sweet – Federal Government – Ottawa


Fiona Kiernan

“This course has been a really informative tool in helping shed light on common themes and ingredients that are essential to finding the right career path for me. The modules make you dig deeper into clues we often don’t realize are there. Sarah knows what needs to be asked.”

Fiona Kiernan – urban reforestation worker (future photographer) – Toronto

“Thank you so much for helping me through a scary yet thrilling time in my professional development.”

Genevieve Roch-Decter – portfolio manager – Toronto


“Sarah helped me when I was going through a tough time figuring out what I wanted to. Actually, I knew what I wanted to do, I just didn’t know how to get there or even where to start. Sarah is a calming spirit, which made opening up to her about my goals easy, and she gave me the tools to turn my talking into action. She’ll definitely be invited to my graduation. Keep fueling the fires of your clients’ dreams, Sarah. Thanks a million from the bottom of my heart.”

Jody Brown – Community Investment Associate – Toronto


“It feels like the training wheels are about to come off, but I know you’ve truly set me up for success. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your guidance and support. You are truly a remarkable individual, one that I am grateful to have met.”

Kevin Goodchild – Client Services Manager – Toronto

KrissyNeilsen“Experience, confidence, and know-all…you have it all.”

Kristina Neilsen – Visitor Experience Manager, Sumac Ridge Estate Winery – Summerland, BC


“Working with Sarah is exactly what I needed to kick my business up a notch!  I’m so impressed with how much I was able to accomplish thanks to Sarah’s coaching and guidance.  I was able to get really clear on my niche and ideal client, refine my copy, create and polish my programs, successfully execute a rebrand, and implement a solid blogging strategy.  The amount of progress I’ve made thanks to her support and encouragement is astounding!  If you are looking for a true partner in a coach, Sarah is your gal!  I highly recommend Sarah for her coaching services.”

Kamara Toffolo – Career Coach – Toronto

CathyBereznakYonek“Sarah Vermunt is super smart and super fun. Everyone thinks she is totally awesome and everyone is right.”

Cathy Bereznak Yonek – Life Coach – Pittsburgh


BobbyUmar“Sarah spoke at our DYPB – Discover Your Personal Brand Conference in 2016 and 2014 with great success and flair. She clearly has a passion for her work, an engagement style that resonated with many delegates and was one of our most popular speakers. The attendees loved her message of brazen authenticity in business and her interactive exercises got attendees excited and talking to each other. There was a lineup of people eager to speak to her after the talk, which demonstrated her impact. I personally can’t wait to collaborate with her again.”

Bobby Umar – President, Raeallan – Toronto

KimMacleanTargon“I am super inspired. You are a strong, beautiful, independent woman who has a voice and is making the world a better place!!!”

Kim Maclean-Targon – Nurse – Ontario


pink heart icon“I feel honoured to have worked with you. I am professionally grateful for all your work and personally humbled by your many achievements.”

Susan Vercruysse – Director, Recruitment and Communications – Toronto


“As a new grad, doing this program was the best decision I made! It helped me to uncover what I really wanted, and broke it down into bite-sized steps. And Sarah’s infectious positive energy made me feel so confident and relaxed through the process. Thank you Sarah!”

Laura Thompson —Communications Coordinator — Toronto


DipaTalukder“Thank you so much! I honestly feel more confident about myself. At first I felt like I was probably the only one who had no idea where my career was headed. I have hope now and it’s all thanks to you.”

Dipa Taulkder – Brand/Marketing Coordinator – Mississauga


Megan Forrest

“Ahhhhh!!! Thank you so much for all your amazing help!!!!! I can’t believe what a remarkable resource you have been for me. I got so much out of this. I am so grateful to you! Thank you!!!!!”

Megan Forrest – Relationship Coach – Toronto

SarahStrange“This was an exercise in discovering what my wants actually were instead of what I thought they were. I realized some of the truths that have been lying in wait just under the surface of my subconscious!!  It’s trusting your instincts and really honing in on what you want for your life. My mother always used to tell me that all you have to do is put it out into the universe and the universe will respond…this work is doing just that!”

Sarah Strange – Musical Theatre Vixen – Toronto

AlexanderPease“I wanted to let you know how sincerely appreciative I am of your support and help. Really, thank you so much!”

Alexander J.A. Pease – Business Student – Akita, Japan


Melissa D'Cunha“Sarah, I just wanted to thank you for the sessions we had in these past few weeks. I gained a lot of insight in my career path, from being ‘I was thinking of‘ to ‘I’m going to‘. I really think that this is one of those experiences that I’ll never forget. You made a very positive impact in my life when I needed it most, and you deserve to know that. Thank you so much!”

Melissa D’Cunha – Finance Professional – Toronto

pink heart icon“Your work has given me a lot of comfort and guidance when I have moments of thinking what have I gotten myself into?!‘”

Noëlle Frost – Winery Business Owner – Dallas

Lu-Anne Da Costa“I’m really glad I met you. I have learned a great deal and most of all to trust myself and my talents. Thanks so much.”

Lu-Anne Da Costa – Senior Policy Advisor – Toronto


AriSizemore“HUGE thanks to Sarah Vermunt with Careergasm. If you want to blog and want help writing effective blogs or are already blogging and want to know how to send your thoughts out into the world efficiently, I highly suggest Sarah’s program Blogging for Your Biz. Without Sarah’s support and her Blogging for Your Biz program, I wouldn’t have taken this big step.”

Ari Sizemore – Equine Experiential Coach – Reno

Nicole Scherbina

“Thank you for helping me keep my face out of a bag of marshmallows this evening. I’m already starting to feel better.”

Nicole Scherbina – Woman in transition – Toronto


DavidCohen“Sarah is a true professional, she gives freely of herself, her time and is a positive spirit to have at any event. I love working with Sarah, she’s fun, bright and bold and that to me is what differentiates her from anyone else!”

David Cohen – Author, Coach, Producer/Host of Small Business, Big Ideas Show – Toronto

SamanthaRead“You have been inspirational to me from day one, and I know that you’ll continue to inspire many others.”

Samantha Read – Communications Manager – Toronto


JessicaSanchez“I’m trying to stay inspired as a young business woman and finding your work has definitely reenergized my week, if not my outlook on what I could and should be doing. Thanks for continuing to work hard and for being a great example of what we as women can accomplish.”

Jessica Sanchez – Global Risk Strategy Manager – Greater New York Area

“Thank you so much for this help and advice. You are totally killing it! Massively inspired.

Vicky Kulic – Marketing Maven – Toronto



“My experience with Sarah was brilliant! She really pays attention to small details like first impressions and how to make your resume stand out from the rest. Without her help that stuff wouldn’t have even crossed my mind. She helped me realize that most of my interview worries were mostly in my head and that mistakes can be fixed with practice. She taught me how to deal with anxiety and we worked on friendly, open body language. She really helped boost my confidence and helped me land a great gig!”

Leah Halin – Media Producer – Toronto

pink heart icon“Thank-you for all of your help for Leah! She couldn’t say enough about how much you’ve done to boost her confidence and the great advice she got from you. I am really glad we found you and believe Leah will continue to benefit from what she learned.”

Judit Halin – Mother of career coaching client – Toronto

LawrieMelton“I feel that I’ve grown so much with your mentoring. I finally feel like I have a direction and I don’t think that’s something I ever had. Now to move forward with that! Thank you!”

Lawrie Melton – Quality Systems Project Coordinator – Stoney Creek


“Suddenly I feel so clear!!! Thank you for helping me to define and chase the things that are truly important to me. I’m glad I’ve taken risks and learned to be braver. A million thanks!”

Raquel Anne – Marketing and Events Manager – Toronto

LizNutting“Combining her natural empathy with her strong guiding touch gives Sarah a truly unique edge when it come to career coaching. There is no tough love with this woman, just honest, powerful support. I would recommend her to anyone looking for clarity on the career front.”

Elizabeth Nutting – Event Producer – Toronto

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