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I write about feel-good work for Forbes, Inc.and Entrepreneur. My work has also been featured at Fortune, Financial TimesThe Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, CBC, Chicago Tribune, Global News, TechVibes, Huffington Post, Flare, Elle Canada, Fashion, CityLine, The Social, Canadian Business, U.S. News & World Report, and lots of other cool places.

Check out my work below, or if you’re a member of the media contact me for an interview.


The 7 Things Nobody Tells You About Being an Entrepreneur

Yes, you need informational interviews. Here’s how to land them.

5 things to do when you’ve exhausted all the job boards


How To Discover What You Really Want To Do

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4 Ways To Focus Fiercely and Stress Less

Secrets Every New Grad Needs to Know That Nobody Tells You

How To Curb Procrastination and Self Sabotage

Ask These 4 Questions To Get Your Focus Back

How To Use Your Fear To Guide Your Career

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6 Books To Help You Make a Name For Yourself


Why You Should Embrace Your Inner Amateur

Why You Should Start Taking a Proper Lunch Break

How To Get An Informational Interview (And Why Even Entrepreneurs Need Them)

Why Self-Care Sometimes Needs To Be Your No. 1 Strategy

Is Your Job Making You Sick?

Why You Should Actually Ditch Some of Your Goals

To Improve a Situation Immediately Stop Exaggerating How Bad it Is

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4 Books Your Timid Entrepreneurial Heart Wants You to Read

Don’t Let Assumptions About Money Rule Your Life

The Unglamorous Truth About My First Year of Business

Is Fear Stopping You From Going After What You Want?

Indulge Your Obsessions When Choosing Your Life’s Work

Dear Graduate, Here’s What Nobody Told You

Success vs. Happiness: Don’t Be Fooled Into Thinking They’re the Same

From Dreaming to Succeeding, the 12 Phases of Entrepreneurship

3 Reasons Why You Should Network Less

5 Must-Read Books to Build Your Personal Brand By Women Authors Who Know How to Get It Done


Career Advice? Talk to a Millennial


Teaching Entrepreneurs How to Take Advantage of Media

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Career Coaching on the Rise Among Recent Grads and Young Professionals

The Globe and Mail

Want to win in the workplace? Forget you are in the lead

The Ups and Downs of Elevator Speeches

Stuck? Try cultivating an ‘aha’ moment

Let’s move the needle on corporate jargon

Why chemistry will help you land your next job

Choose your own adventure: how to decide what to go to school for

10 Unmistakable Signs It’s Time To Look For A New Job

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4 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Splurge On

Top Workplaces — And All Workplaces — Must Focus On Retention

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How To Respond When You Get A Bizarre Interview Question

10 Unmistakable Signs It’s Time To Look For A New Job

What you need to know to find feel-good work

How to make a career change in the new year

How to quit your job and find work that you love

Transferable Skills 101: How To Make Your Resume Shine

When You Don’t Want To Work In The Field You Studied

How to Slay Your Job Interview

How To Negotiate Your Salary Like a Boss

How To Receive Constructive Feedback (Without Having a Meltdown)

3 Ways To Overcome Fear In Your Career

3 Ways To Refine Your Personal Brand (Yes, You Already Have One)

4 Common Business Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make

4 Legit Boss Ladies Discuss Gender and Power — Careergasm on Cityline

Navigating the Double Standard for Women In Leadership

How To Set Feel-Good Goals at Work

Why Eating Lunch at Your Desk Is Bad For Your Health

How To Cope With Post-Graduation Anxiety

How To Succeed at Your Side Hustle

How To Overcome The Fear Of Being Trapped In Your Career

Hate Your Job? How To Change Career Paths

Finding Happiness By Budgeting Your Time

What’s Your Alternative Dream Career?

Hate Your Job. Peep These 6 Tips For Overhauling Your Career RN

Generation Rah! The Surge of Millennial Life Coaches

Forget the 5-year plan: how to survive the new work-life reality

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What To Do When You Lose Your Job

SkipTheDishes controversy highlights changing employment norms

Work that makes you happy: Expert advice from Careergasm’s Sarah Vermunt

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How To Ace A Group Interview

4 Pro Tips To Handle Multiple Jobs (And Stay Sane)

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Why Your Youthful Appearance Undermines Your Years of Job Experience

How To Have A Careergasm

6 Personal Branding Books To Read For Your Career


Your Guide to Surviving a Career Mistake

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5 Methods for Getting Back Into Today’s Dicey Job Market

Careergasm and the Business of Design

Guts and Grace: Finding Your Way To Feel-Good Work

Alpha Female Sarah Vermunt — Careergasm!

Almost 30 Podcast. What do you really want?

Can you actually love your day job?

When A Breakdown Leads To A Careergasm

Bullshit-free advice to help you get after it

Book Excerpt – Careergasm: Find Your Way To Feel-Good Work


False Assumptions About Money (interview at 10:45 mark)

Career Jealousy Might Actually Be A Good Thing (interview at 10:38 mark)

Turn your passion to profit

Getting Happy At Work And Asking For What You Want

Careergasms at happy hour

The Huffington Post

How To Not Hate Your Job Search

Why You Need An Informational Interview – And How To Get One

What I Learned When My Life Went Up In Flames

Are You Being Selfish Enough At Work?

6 Career Lessons Your Cat Is Trying To Teach You

Is Your Strong Work Ethic Killing You?

You Have My Permission To Put Career On The Back Burner

More Isn’t Necessarily Better

What Personal Baggage Are You Bringing To Work?

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The Right Way To Apologize When You’ve Screwed Up At Work

Why Playing It Safe Is Actually A Myth

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Starting Your Own Business is an Emotional Circus (And Totally Worth It)

13 Books to Help You Unleash Your Creative Beast in 2016

Your Approval Hang-Up Is Killing Your Career

3 Books for Perfectionists, Approval-Seekers, and Overachievers

Fearlessness Doesn’t Exist

If You Want to Learn You’re Gonna Get Burned

These 4 Books Will Bring out the Entrepreneur in You

This is What Fear Makes You Do

10 False Assumptions About Money and Finding a Fulfilling Career

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You Should Ignore Bad Advice, Even From People With Good Intentions

Does Professionalism Make Us Less Kind?

Got a Career Bucket List? You Need a Career “Fuck It” List

5 Books to Help Your Graduate Transition into Adulthood

Want a Happy Career? Indulge Your Obsessions

The One Thing You Should Know at Graduation

Don’t Resign Yourself to Doing Work You Hate

What Do We Mean When We Say Someone Is “Successful”?

Are You Lost or Are You Just Afraid?

The Strange Place Where I Learned That Enough is Enough

3 Reasons Why You Should Actually Network LESS

Is Your Stuff Bringing You Down? Get Rid of It!

Dear 2014, Thanks for All the Lessons

The 12 Wild Phases of Entrepreneurship

How Being Vulnerable at Work Can Work for You

How to Keep Your Personal Brand True to You

How to Get Over Getting Dissed

What Does Modern Masculinity Look Like?

Get Off Your Hamster Wheel and Make Something

How to Let Go and Ride Your Wave

Why I Quit My PhD to ‘Strip’

How to Get Yourself a Red Carpet Career

Why Dress for the Life You Want? Because it Works.

Five Tips for Making Money as an Artist Entrepreneur

Go Ahead, Have a Breakdown. Repeat If Necessary

Make Way for Audacious Entrepreneurship

4 Things Every New Entrepreneur Should Splurge On

Make Resolutions on Your Own Terms

Put These 8 Leadership Books Under the Tree

How to Conquer Millennial Career Paralysis

How to be a Fierce Female Entrepreneur

Why Complacency is a Dangerous Thing in Your Life

How to Handle Your First World Hissyfits

Do You Suffer from Imposter Syndrome

The Only Career Question You’ll Ever Need to Ask

What Kind of Facebook Personality are You?

Too Ambitious for Your Own Good? Three Tips for Pacing Yourself

Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire: A Breezy Business Read

Why We Still Tell Women to Sell Themselves

Five Playlists That Will Get You Through Anything

Hillary Clinton’s Advice on Taking Criticism

On The Verge of a Breakdown? Do This.

Changing Your Mind

Career Clarity vs. Strategy

Careergasm: The Origin Story

Check Your Baggage: Dealing With Personal Hangups at Work

Good Fear vs. Bad Fear: How To Tell The Difference

Careergasm: Writing the book

Angels & Assholes: Creating Your Career Dream Team

Feeling Lost vs. Feeling Afraid

Career coaching for new grads: clarity first, strategy second

How to get out of your career rut

Finding Fulfillment at Work

How to have a careergasm: The Book Diner

69 reasons why Sarah Vermunt’s book will give you a careergasm

Sarah Vermunt empowers women who want to love the work they do

Author Sarah Vermunt urges Peterborough women to find their “Enlightened Ambition”

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