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Why clarity should ALWAYS come before strategy

If you want to move your career in a feel-good direction, the first thing you need to do is figure out what you want. Seems obvious, right?

Nobody does this.

Here’s what people do instead: They get frustrated by unhappy they are, then they FREAK OUT and hit the job postings right away before they even know what they’re looking for. ANYTHING to get out of their current situation.

Sound familiar?

It a scurried, panicked, desperate job search. Not very effective. Even if you DO find another job it’s likely that you’ll find yourself in another unhappy situation soon because you didn’t exactly put too much thought into what you really want.

Here’s a two-minute video about why finding clarity before developing strategy is so darn important.

xo Sarah

PS — this is the first of 7 videos I created with my publisher. Stay tuned for more.

Clarity before strategy. Always. 

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