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Careergasm: A Course For Discovering Your Calling

This is an online course for people who feel stuck in their career – because they don’t know what they want or because they’re scared shitless to go after it.


Brought to you by Careergasm Founder, Sarah Vermunt, featured at…



  • You’re stuck. You’ve tried to nail down your career calling a bajillion times and it’s massively frustrating.
  • The career courses, tools and books you’ve tried are a corporate jargony snooze-fest. Ew.
  • You are seriously going to lose your shit if you have to take one more unhelpful career personality test.
  • Your stress has you at the end of your rope. You fluctuate between panicked anxiety and stabby rage.
  • You can’t put your finger on it, but you have this nagging feeling that something more is out there.
That nagging feeling is right, by the way. There is something more. We’re going to find out what it is and then go get it. Sound good?


Careergasm: A Course for Discovering Your Calling is an online course with an unconventional and, dare I say, FUN approach to discovering your career calling.
It’s where playtime meets getting shit done.
It’s where introspection meets action.
It’s a shot of encouragement, a kick in the pants and a loving push.
Because wouldn’t it be awesome to know exactly what you want?
This course will help you get clear, push past your fear, and move into action.
In other words, it will take you from I don’t know to Outta my way, suckers!


“Suddenly I feel so clear!!! Thank you for helping me to define and chase the things that are truly important to me. I’m glad I’ve taken risks and learned to be braver. A million thanks!”

Raquel Anne


“A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. In less than two months I had a complete revelation in both my business and personal life. I’ve never had such clarity.”

Marissa Asperjan 


“I cannot thank you enough for all the help, guidance and genuine support you’ve given me over the last few months. Starting on this path of career change… well, it feels so damn good! I have never felt like this about any career path so I am a zillion times thankful!”

Elaine Leek.

“I can’t tell you how much you’ve helped me! Thank you so much!”

Garlande Haney



“Careergasm is pure gold!”

Gwen Elliot 


This is a flexible online course, so how you do this is totally up to you. You can…
Sip it slowly like your first peppermint mocha of the season.

Get comfy and take your time. You can do one short section every day and complete it in two weeks without breaking a sweat. Easy peasy. Or really take your time and enjoy the process, spreading it out over one or two months. Or if you like to go big or go home you may want to…

Mainline it like your Monday morning coffee.

Lock yourself in for a weekend (or even an epic Sunday) and wolf down the whole damn shebang in big hungry gulps.

Either way, brew up a big ol’ cuppa joe or a pot of your favourite herbal tea. This is career navigation that you can do in your jammies. #WIN

Grab your spot now. 


This course is full of the straight-talking tough love you need to get clear and move into action.

It will help you work through the paralyzing fears so that you can get closer to what you want.

It ain’t what you learned from your guidance counsellor or from any aptitude or leadership assessment. We’re going to take an unconventional and creative approach.

It’s fun-loving and deeply introspective, with a side of sassy snark. Think Kate Spade meets Super Soul Sunday meets Mr. T. And, really, how can you pass that up?!

Is this kind of like your book?

Yes! In fact, much of this course is exactly like my book Careergasm: Find Your Way To Feel-Good Work…with one big, juicy difference — I’ve created videos and workbook activities and exercises around the content so that you actually go deep and do the work you need to do instead of just thinking about it. I’ve taken the chapters most relevant to helping you get unstuck and created ACTION around them. Because a career change is something you have to DO, not just read about. Think of this course as the kick in the pants you need to get moving.

Here’s what you get…

Careergasm: A Course for Discovering Your Calling is an online course that has:

  • 2 parts – one to help you get clear on what you want, and the other to help you move through your fear.
  • 15 sections with videos and interactive workbooks that will help you figure out what you want and how to muster the guts to go get it.
  • 100+ pages of soul searching, ass kicking, fire igniting career aha moments. Plus a kick in the pants to take action.
  • 24/7 access with digital delivery you can slurp up at your own pace.
  • And it’s all wrapped up in a delicious digital package that includes videosworkbooks, and a course tracker so you can see the transformation unfold.
That’s 2 parts, 15 sections, and 100+ interactive pages of soul searching, fear busting, leap taking, boot shaking, holy-shit-I-can’t-believe-I’m-actually-going-to-do-this career navigation gold.

Lu-Anne Da Costa.

Your course is so amazing! The videos, the content, I love it all. Thank-you so much!

Lu-Anne Da Costa 



“I’m loving the exercises and they’re really forcing me to be more in tune with myself!”



LawrieMelton“This course made me realize those nebulous yearnings I had always ignored because I didn’t think they were ‘a real job’ were actually my true calling. It also made me look at goals differently. Instead of having to be everything or nothing I started to understand that I could start small and build up to the point where I could leave the ‘real job’ I hated and make my dream a reality.”

Lawrie Melton 

“I am so happy and grateful to have worked with you. You really helped me think introspectively and to act on my passion and interests! And for that–thank you!”

Sarah Isaac


“You’ve really helped me get clarity and pull the pieces together.  I couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you so much.”

Jaclyn Goman




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1 – Activate Your Inner Toddler

What makes you want to throw a raging hissy fit? What makes you giddy, like a kid with a bag of Skittles and a Kool-Aid stained grin? We’ll explore both…because these are MAJOR clues on the path to feel-good work.

2 – Weird is Good

Kung fu master. Party planner. Gadget builder. Creative writer. Puppeteer. Tough Mudder champ. Urban farmer. Yarn bomber. Let’s explore those wackadoodle talents of yours. They offer career path clues.

3 – Embrace the Green-Eyed Monster

Jealousy is a bitch, right? Actually, no. We’re going to turn the yearning burning desire part of jealousy into an empowered tool. Your green-eyed monster is trying to tell you something. Pay attention.

4 – The Rearview Mirror

Looking back will give you oodles of helpful info as you navigate the road ahead. We’ll map out your career history (yes, even the gigs you hated) to rev things up and see what gets your motor runnin’. Buckle up.

5 – Child Genius

What did your eight-year-old self love? Stickers? Kittens? Baseball? Crafts? Legos? Dress-up? Cops and robbers? We’re going to look waaaaay back into your childhood. There’s career navigation gold back there.

6 – Get Cookin’

Let’s take the heat off by thinking about your career in terms of ingredients instead of an exact recipe. A handful of this, a pinch of that, and voilà: you’ll create something delightful and uniquely you. Delish!

7 – Obsessions, Fascinations, and Curiosities

Is there something in your life you’re obsessed with? Or mega curious about? We’ll dive headfirst into the stuff that makes you feel supercharged and engaged.  Dabble, explore and indulge is the name of this game.

8 – The Burnout Club

Exhausted? Sore? Sick? Anxious? We’re going to examine the link between your mental and physical health. If neglected career stress is doing a number on your health, it’s time to pay attention. Starting now.

9 – Listen to Your Gastrointestinal System

Not sure what you love and what you hate? Your body will tell you the difference. Every time. We’ll tap into that gut wisdom so you can make good career decisions – ones that use the gut and brain in an ultimate tag-team duo.

section 15


10 – Check Your Baggage

This is where I’m gonna get all up in your business. We’ll look at some of that heavy psychological crap you carry around. If it’s getting in your way in your career (hint: it is), let’s take some steps to deal with it.

11 – Enlightened Ambition

Ambition is good, right? It depends. We’ll look at your goals to see if they’re aligned with what you actually want…because some of them might not be. You’ll have so many aha moments, you’ll swear you’re Oprah.

12 – Fear Disguised as Practicality

There is no safe choice. Or right choice. Or wrong choice. The world will always be filled with change and uncertainty. We’ll examine your fear and the widespread illusion that a “practical” career = a safe career.

13 – You Can Keep Your iPhone

Let’s talk money, honey. We’ll take a look at your money fears, including the irrational fear that choosing a career you’ll love involves giving up your iPhone and living poor and penniless in a van down by the river.

14 – I’m Too (Insert Excuse Here)

I’m just going to say it: Your excuses are bullshit. A lot of your assumptions about why you can’t have what you want just aren’t true. We’ll rewrite some of those stories so you can get out of your own damn way.

15 – Angels and Assholes

Want everyone to support your career decision? Ain’t gonna happen. Some people just aren’t going to get it, and that’s okay. We’ll talk about next steps, building your team, and ignoring bad advice from assholes.

That’s 2 parts, 15 sections, and 100+ interactive pages of soul searching, fear busting, leap taking, boot shaking, holy-shit-I-can’t-believe-I’m-actually-going-to-do-this career navigation gold.



I’m Sarah Vermunt, the gal behind Careergasm. I help people create feel-good work. Me and my work have been featured at ForbesHuff PostEntrepreneur, Inc., Fortune, Financial Times, Flare, Toronto StarThe Globe and Mail and lots of other cool places.

I also know what it’s like to feel stuck and (more importantly) get un-stuck. I’ve made some pretty badass career moves of my own:

* After graduation I snagged a job in a totally unrelated field. Nailed it.

* I quit a stable gig with awesome pay, benefits, and pension to take a chance on something new.

* I quit my PhD after 4 years and 93 pages into my dissertation. Ballsy.

* I left a six-figure career track to take a risk on building my own biz. Spoiler alert: It paid off.

Through all of this I’ve been scared shitless, but did it anyway. You can too.


Lisa Greig

“I have never been more on fire! This is a program that guarantees clarity, inspiration and motivation to truly find your passion and purpose. If you are looking for answers and are willing to climb inside of yourself to find them, DO THIS! And Sarah, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your insight and guidance. Seriously. Invaluable.”

Lisa Greig 

“Thank you so much! This experience has been the most rewarding and I am so glad I decided to go into this with you.”

Christine Medeiros


Fiona Kiernan“This course has been a really informative tool in helping shed light on common themes and ingredients that are essential to finding the right career path for me. The modules make you dig deeper into clues we often don’t realize are there. Sarah knows what needs to be asked.”

Fiona Kiernan 

“Thank you again for your help and for always being such a positive force for me!”

Erin Valois



Careergasm: A Course for Discovering Your Calling will

Reconnect you with your desire.

Help you (finally!) figure out what you want.

Help you move through your fear.

Give you the loving push you need to take action.

Take you from stuck to holy shit I can’t believe I’m doing this!

This is your ticket to getting un-stuck once and for all. No more frustration. No more feeling lost. Just you wearing a shit eating grin and rocking your new feel-good career.

Claim your spot NOW!