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Don’t Fight Your Career Curves

Don't fight your curves

I’m a curvy girl. I carry a little extra junk in the trunk, and also some in the middle.

I can’t say it’s something I’m super psyched about. Sometimes I wish my lovely lady lumps were a little more lovely and a little less…ample. I’d like to say I don’t fight my curves, but sometimes I do. That’s just the truth.

I’m also a curvy girl, metaphorically. I’ll think I’m going to go straight in one direction, but then I end up curving off the path somehow – making a loop, U-turn, or bend somewhere along the way. Always a slight change of plans.

Very little in my career has been a straight shot. Here’s what I mean:

My undergraduate degree is in journalism, but I didn’t start writing until more than a decade after that. I was doing other stuff.

My fascination with workplace psychology took a huge U-turn, from focusing on theory (conducting research) to practice (becoming a career coach).

I’m a teacher at heart. I used to teach from textbooks. Now I develop my own (way more fun) online courses.

I looooove helping people in transition. I used to help students transition to the end of their formal education. Now I help them start their careers.

The essence of what I’m after rarely changes. But getting there? The path is never quite what I imagined, never a straight line. There are always loops, twists, and turns. Curvy.

I’m a Type A, go-getter kind of gal, so this used to frustrate the hell out of me (admittedly, it still does). Wouldn’t a straight line from A to B be better? More efficient?

More efficient, yes.

Better, no.

My way of navigating my career – the curvy way – takes longer. It rarely looks the way I thought it would. It’s also WAY better. It means I get to do things in a way that is uniquely me. Everything is a perfect fit when I do it that way. I’ve had to remind myself, Girl, don’t fight your curves. They’re working for you. tweet it

My curves are working for me every time I give myself permission to go off course and quit something I hate…because I end up finding something even better.

My curves are working for me every time I experiment with something new…and end up loving it.

My curves are working for me every time I’m scared to take the road less traveled, but do it anyway…and it totally pays off.

It is scary to go off course, take a turn, head for an exit, circle around. But you know what’s scarier? Heading dead straight towards the wrong thing. That’s a crash collision waiting to happen every time.

If the career path you’re on doesn’t fit, it just doesn’t fit. End of story. Fighting it won’t make it fit better.

Ever tried to wrestle your way into a pair of jeans that are too small? It sucks. Sure, you might get those suckers on, but you’re going to walk around feeling a little cranky and agitated (and perhaps with plumber butt). You can’t breathe. It pinches everywhere. It’s like that with a career that doesn’t fit, too.

My advice? Don’t fight your curves. Try something else on. Something that fits better.


Girl, don’t fight your curves. They’re working for you. tweet it


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