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But I can’t do THAT!


You probably have one or two ideas about what would make you happy in your career — even if those ideas seem half-baked or vague as fuck. Here’s what most people do when they get those vague inklings: they shut it down. They let their fear and frustration get the best of them. When the right career path doesn’t seem obvious or easy right away they throw their hands up and say…

Welp. I haven’t got a clue. I guess I’ll just do what my dad tells me to do.

– or –

This is too hard. Maybe I’ll just stick with this shit job I already have.

– or –

Holy fuck, the thing I want to do is reeeeeally different than what I’m doing now.
Never mind. Impossible. 


Do you know why most people do this? Why people give up the hunt just as they’re about to get on a hot track? Because knowing what you want can be really scary. Terrifying, actually. Admitting what you want puts you in the hot seat. You either have to get after it or give up on yourself. Most people prefer the guise of ignorance to the burden of truth. Because when you know the truth you have to do something about it.

And if you don’t know exactly what to do or where to start you’ve got a brand new problem. The problem shifts from I don’t know what I want to I’m afraid I can’t have what I want.

That’s why people fold and head for the hills just as they’re getting really close to a career aha moment. The truth about what they want feels impossible and scary, so they shut down, saying, But I can’t do THAT!

Maybe the inklings and whispers about what you want have you saying stuff like…

But I didn’t go to school for that!

– or –

But that wasn’t a part of the plan!

– or –

But I don’t have any experience with that!

– or –

But I don’t know how to get that!


Here’s the good news: None of that stuff has to stop you from doing what you want. Fear and uncertainty are a part of the deal. And you can move forward even if what you want wasn’t a part of the original plan. I did. So have gazillions of others. You can too.

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