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Got a Bucket List? You Need a “Fuck It” List

Bucket list? Fuck it list -

You want to do some amazing things in your career. Good for you! Rock that career bucket list, my friend. Own it.

Becoming a board member for that organization that you love? Hell, yeah! Bucket list!

Pitching your killer idea to the big boss? Awesome! Bucket list!

Saying goodbye to the man and starting your own business? Booyeah, suckers! Bucket list!

Finally going for the big promotion you’ve always wanted? Amen! Do it! Bucket list!

But in order to find the time and energy to do those awesome things, you have to let go of some of the things that are getting in your way – the epic time suck, the shitty obligations, the stuff that is bringing you down, killing your vibe, cramping your style.

You need a career “fuck it” list. tweet it

Taking shit from a manipulative colleague? Fuck it! Not any more.

Picking up the slack for your team? Fuck it! Who has the time? Or energy?

Working late until you feel like (and look like) a zombie. Fuck it! You used to have a life!

Slogging away at stuff you hate when you get no recognition? Fuck it! Not worth it.

You don’t need that crap sapping your energy and slowing you down. Time and energy are not infinite. You have to jettison the junk to lighten the load and make room for the stuff that really matters to you. You simply can’t do it all, so be intentional about where you focus your efforts.

Now, before you go and tell your boss to shove it, remember that nobody completes their bucket list in one fell swoop. It’s a process tackled bit by bit. Same thing for your fuck it list. If you can kick some of that stuff to the curb right away, do it. But some of it will take longer. You’ll need to do a little planning, be stealthy.

Think of the things you really want to do in your career and in life. That’s your bucket list. Now, what will you have to get rid of in order to make that stuff happen? That’s your fuck it list. One serves the other.

Is there something you can ditch to serve your greater vision? Fuck it.


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