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Want a career change? Avoid these common mistakes.

If you’re thinking about making a career change there are some common mistakes you’ll probably want to avoid.

For example, maybe don’t hit the job postings right away. Especially if you hate your current job, but have no idea what you want to do instead. That’s counterintuitive, but looking through job postings without knowing what you want it kind of like fumbling around in the dark. Very frustrating. You need to get clear first.

And maybe don’t ask everyone in your life about what they think you should do. Maybe not right away. Be intentional about choosing one or two people who you know will support you. Talking about career changes can trigger things like fear and insecurity and jealousy in others, and you don’t want the wrong advice to steer you down a path that isn’t right for you. We’re especially susceptible to following the wrong advice when we feel lost.

I stopped by Your Morning to talk about career changes. Click the video below to find out where to start and what to avoid so you can make start taking a few steps to make your career change successful and a lot less frustrating.

And if you are feeling frustrated and lost in your career and aren’t sure where to start, I can help.

xo Sarah

Want to make a career change? Here are a few common mistakes to avoid. 

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