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This is media strategy coaching for entrepreneurs and leaders who want to amplify their message through the media in a BIG way.
Because you can’t help people with your work if you’re hanging out on the sidelines or hiding in the shadows.
  • You’re tired of hustling to get your message out there with no payoff. (And you wonder what the hell you’re doing wrong.)

  • You’d love to be affiliated with big media brands to boost your credibility as an expert in your field.

  • You’re not attracting enough clients and frankly you’re starting to panic.

  • The echo chamber of social media isn’t working for you and you wonder if there’s a better marketing tool. (There is!)

  • The people you follow with tons of media coverage have you feeling kind of stabby. Dammit, you want somma that!



Amplify is strategic media coaching so you can get out there and share your message with the masses.


Because staying safe and small is totally overrated.
And dammit you have something to say.
And the more people you reach, the more people you can actually help with your work.


Brought to you by Careergasm Founder, Sarah Vermunt, featured at…



This is for you if …

You want to reach large audiences of people. We’re talking hundreds of thousands. Millions, even.

You want to learn how to pitch to editors, producers, and journalists. The secret? Serve up great content that provides value for their readers, viewers and listeners. When you do that EVERYBODY wins.

You want to establish yourself as a credible expert. Being featured in the media — especially well-known brands with large platforms — establishes trust and credibility so people know you’re the real deal.

You want to build relationships with future clients. The people you want to serve need to see and hear you! Being featured in the media attracts new ears and eyeballs to your message.


This is not for you if …

You don’t dig writing or speaking. About half of this program is about publishing your writing, and the other half is about showing up on TV, radio, and podcasts.

You just want a quick hit. Ick. If you don’t actually care about your readers, viewers, and listeners you’ll miss the mark and you won’t be able to connect.

You want to use the media like your personal PR firm. Again, ick. This program is all about building win-win relationships and being of service to editors, journalists and producers. We’re doing this with integrity.

You aren’t willing to be a bit vulnerable. You have to be willing to keep it real and show people who you are. Even when you’re in the spotlight. That’s what makes people connect with you and want more.




“I just got published at Business Insider!!! It’s 70 degrees outside, but at my house it’s Christmas! Huge thanks to Sarah Vermunt at Careergasm. She gave me the confidence and skills to finally start guest blogging. I’m so lucky to have you on my journey, Sarah!”

Anne Bechard

“This was a really great investment of time and money for me. Really good value. You’ve demystified so much and provided such a rich diversity of media samples for us to work with. I now see the important threads running through everything — building relationships and being of service.”

Marion Langford

“It’s really cool to see that I can do this myself. I thought I’d have to hire a PR firm, but I see how easy it is to pitch to the media now that I know how to do it.”

Christina Carew

“All the seeds that I’ve planted with blogging and pitching, creating an online presence and sharing (something that I was scared shitless to do) is materializing. And I have you to thank for this change in me.”

Ami Au-Yeung

“Ahhhhh!!! Thank you so much for all your amazing help!!!!! I can’t believe what a remarkable resource you have been for me. I got so much out of this. I am so grateful to you! Thank you!!!!!”

Megan Forrest



You’ll get to peek behind the curtain and see exactly how I’ve gotten the media coverage I have, and how you can too.

We’ll develop a strategy for approaching media partners relevant to your industry, and I’ll help you build your own multi-platform strategy for getting seen in the media.

You’ll learn the art of the pitch (so important!), and build a strategy for your ongoing media coverage.

You’ll receive one-on-one in-session feedback on your own publication pitches and articles. Plus podcasts pitches, radio pitches, show notes for television, and strategic collaboration with journalists.



I’m Sarah Vermunt, the gal behind Careergasm. Working with the media is a huuuuuge part of my business.

I write about careers for ForbesInc., and Entrepreneur, and my work has been featured at Fast Company, TechVibes, Financial Times, CBC, CTV, CityTV, Global News, Virgin Radio, Sirius XM Radio, Cityline, The Social, Flare, ELLE, Canadian Business, Chicago Tribune, Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, and lots of other cool places.

I’ve learned a thing or two about getting press and generating my own media exposure:

I’ve been published more than 100 times (and counting) at big badass places like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., HuffPost and others. These places boast stats like 31 million, 14 million, 21 million, and 81 million readers a month. Not too shabby.

I’ve been featured in more than 50 national and international stories (and counting) — at places like Fast CompanyFinancial TimesThe Globe and Mail, MacLeansU.S. News World Report, Chicago TribuneToronto Star, CitylineFlare, ELLE, and Global News — places with a combined audience of hundreds of millions of people a month.

My articles have made the Top 10 list at Entrepreneur numerous times. A BIG deal for a publication with 14 million readers each month.

I’m a regular contributor on a national radio network with a reach of more than 37 million listeners.

I’m a regular guest expert on a national TV show syndicated to more than 80 million homes.

Most of my clients find me after reading something I’ve published, hearing me on a radio or podcast, or seeing me on TV. Hello free advertising!


Some of the people I’ve helped include:

A resume writer who was published at Fast Company, Mashable, Forbes, Inc., Business InsiderThe Muse, and Newsweek.

A online course producer who was featured at Cosmopolitan, ForbesEntrepreneur, Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Elite Daily, and Thrive Global.

A personal trainer who made an appearance on national TV show syndicated to millions of homes.

A life coach who has been featured at Bustle, CP24, CTV, Huff Post, Fashion Magazine, and Sirius XM Radio.

An Instagram influencer who got sponsored by a huge athletic brand during our work together, and who was featured at Toronto Star and City Life Magazine.

A finance analyst turned career coach who has been published at Forbes, Inc., Business InsiderWorkopolis, LearnVest, The MuseGlobal News, and Mashable.




You and me.

5 sessions over 3 months.

Cooking up a plan to GET. YOU. NOTICED.

I’ll share actual pitches that got me published at places like Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, etc. on the very first try, as well as successful pitches for national television, radio and podcasts. I’ll deconstruct the pitch process for you, show you the ropes, and even give you live in-person feedback on your own pitches so they’re pretty and polished by the time you’re ready to click SEND.

Immersive. You’ll have homework (the fun kind) between each session to help you level up your game even when we’re not face-to-face. After just 3 months you’ll be blown away by how much you’ve learned and how far you’ve come.



“This was so practical! Seeing behind the curtain was helpful in understanding the process. The accountability and the editorial feedback were really valuable, and I like the integrity you bring to interactions with the media.”

Glain Roberts-McCabe

“HUGE thanks to Sarah Vermunt from Careergasm. If you want to write for big publications and want help writing effective blogs or are already blogging and want to know how to send your thoughts out into the world efficiently, I highly suggest Sarah’s program. Without her support and her program, I wouldn’t have taken this big step.”

Ari Sizemore

“The structure and accountability you gave me was EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you!”

Meghan O’Rourke

“This is the kick in the pants that I needed to get my business off the ground! I now feel so much more confident in what I have to offer and how to put myself out into the world. Sarah’s knowledge and feedback is truly invaluable.”

Rachel Despres

“Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! You rock the house, the casbah, and the Christmas tree!”

Jude Temple



Let’s take what you have to say and go BIG.
Big leagues BIG.
Mega exposure BIG.
Holy-shit-I-can’t-believe-I’m-doing-this BIG.


Drop me a line and tell me about yourself, your work, and the message you’d like to share with the media.

Because your message is important.

And it’s time to step into the spotlight.